aH, tomorrow I’m going to Fan expo, but i really nervous.

Its my first con and to be honest Im kinda scared. I really want to talk and take pictures with cosplayers and artists, but talking to people isn’t really a skill of mine ;;A:;

gahh im so nervous

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why do i feel like you're going to create an army of art people and instigate a revolution?


I feel like that’s what I’m doing and I will have no monies left. (I have no idea how much a typical commission costs lololol)

viva la revolution 

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My stick of truth character would probably look like this.

I would be that one annoying character you fight near the middle of the game, and just when you’re about to beat me I’ll rudely set you on fire.

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I saw that you weren’t feeling very happy and I wanted to draw something to cheer you up. (This idea came after seeing android Aleks shh hh„)

- HoLY SHIT SSAR THIS IS AMAZING!! Thank you so much!! :’D damn! I love it wow ahh I„ I’m gonna cry oh poop it’s so cute n pretty and awesome and gnfggg- goodbye world
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I heard a certain someone hit 200+ followers (cough coguhjellybeangrunge)

 Serious, you’re an amazing artist and your blog is A++ <##

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omg thank you so much!

I had a pretty bad day, but this literally made my day and turned it aroundd <33333 ahhhh<!!!

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I wish I was a tree. Trees don’t beat themselves up over lies and unspoken truths.

Some vent art, because I haven’t been feeling very good lately.

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I wish talking to people wasn’t so hard.

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 For critter-princess

Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines Day!

oh my gosh this is adorable.

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