Guys, can you please vote “yee” on this? If it gets 500 yee’s pornagonhordan will do it

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Congratulations to thezombiunicorn for hitting 100,000 subscribers!

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Help spread the word! The only way this blog will be helpful is if it has a large audience. Hopefully, it’ll help out all the artists, writers, and welp- everyone else that comes to this blog. :)

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Some coloured doodles to go along with This Picture


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Yeah! Eating cereal is so cool.

(I decided to finish it after weeks of leaving it untouched lmao)

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Bloody Red Riding Aleks ft. how do I draw eyes

(oops I accidentally doodled jamestheknight's red riding hood au. )

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Please donate.

   My name is Sam Vesta. My mom, my brother and I have been homeless for around 3 months. Some days I didn’t know if I would be able to eat. We now have a steady income, but it isn’t enough. We pay 280$ a month for our storage compartment, and that comes out of a 400$ income.

   Along with that, we also live with my grandmother who is disabled, along with my aunt who is also disabled. They house they live in is in horrible conditions. There is trash everywhere, and an infestation of cockroaches. Worst of all, the house they live in is being foreclosed on.

   The reason we are homeless is because of my father. He is a sociopath, and refuses to pay child support after my mom left him in 2007. He has my 3 brothers with him while My mom, my brother, and I are homeless. My mom used to live with him in the summer of last year, because she was homeless then.

   That summer was the worst for all of us. I had become depressed and started harming myself after my dad had attacked my older brother, by putting his hand on his neck, shoving him into a glass door, and then throwing him to the ground. My mother made a CPS (Child Protection Services) report, but the CPS agent told my mom it was her fault she was unable to protect him.

   My mother moved out after that, and moved in a new house that she payed half the rent for. My dad payed the other half. My mother got around $800- $1000 a month. She is on welfare, and has SSI for my brother Atticus who has aspergers. Atticus currently lives with my dad.

   My mother filed for child support in February of this year, and when my dad heard about it he cut off the internet, the power and just stopped paying rent. My mother had court on June 2nd, and my dad knew she was being evicted, so he got a continuance for August 4th.

   We (with the help of my brothers friend who was also homeless) moved out everything and got everything into our storage unit. My brother’s friend stayed with us, but he used a lot of drugs so we had to get rid of him. Not until after he left did we find out that he was accused of rape, which means if he does come back we aren’t taking him in again.

   On August 4th, my mother won the case for $2000 dollars of child support, but, we got bad news after that. My dad refused to voluntarily pay it, and it wont be garnished until either October or November. Thats one or two more months of being homeless.

   After that, we bought a tent and placed it in my grandmother’s front yard. We also had air mattresses to put in it, so we didn’t have sore backs anymore. But the happiness it didn’t last long.

   My father had tried to get the SSI for my brother going to him, instead of my mom, because he thought he had primary residence of him. He had temporary residence, so he didn’t get it. But, instead of it going straight back to my mother, it just stopped paying anyone. So instead of $800-1000 dollars a month, we only get $400. That’s barely enough to pay our storage unit fee, let alone be able to feed all three of us.

   I also started school earlier in August, so on top of stress about money, I have school.

   Please help us, we have no where to go. Please, please help us.

Please help my mom, me, and my brother. We don’t have anywhere else to go.

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» Channel Archiving Creature Streams

There is somebody reuploading creature streams onto youtube c: All the streams are uploaded in parts, but are sorted into playlists for convenience. Whats also cool is that they include the original stream date and the channel its from (i’m assuming they might be archiving streams from the creatures individual channels as well) in the description.

LINK  Subscribe to them and give them some love.

(They currently have these streams uploaded: Aleks’s plays five nights at freddy’s, A precious child charity stream, Beyond two souls stream, DayZ standalone stream, Kootra playing CS:GO, LiveSCREAM 2012, LiveSCREAM 2013, NovaHD Valentines Stream, NovaHD Spidermen Stream, NovaHD DJ stream, NovaHD stream, SlyPkc Valentines Stream, The Secret Santa Stream,  Wii U chronicles )

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» Twitch links

Please note im pretty sure these are all correct: 

Also anyone starting/wanting to reupload the streams please tell me! So i can follow/sub to you

Twitch links:

LiveScream 2013:

NovaHD Valentines Stream:

Slypkc Valentines Stream:

A precious Child Charity stream:

NovaHD aww shiet stream:


Kootra CS:Go competetive livestream

Livescream 2012:


Froggy Suit:

Seamus’s proposal



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So i hit 1000 followers a little while back and for a little thank you i’m doing a follow forever! Again thank you so much, i never would have imagined that 1000 people would follow me because they actually liked me. I love you all so much <33 sorry this is kinda late


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